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The design team at United Design Stone are masters in incorporating the beauty of natural stone into their designs and have extensive expertise in natural stone production. With education in general architectural principles and having extensive experience in all necessary design, manufacturing ,and installation procedures, the result is a design that is safe, lasting, and beautiful.

At United Design Stone, we understand the general character of the natural stone that we work with. This is vital in choosing thickness, edge detail, and size for a particular stone and it’s placement in your home or business. This understanding is the key to a successful result. To find the perfect stone design for you, our team listens to your needs and combines the color, size, and texture of the stone with the aspects of your home or business. Our designers also work closely with your contractor, architects, and designers to decide what works best. Visit our services page to learn more on how we can embelish your home or bsiness. Or contact us for a free consultation.

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