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Providing Your Home or Business with Quality Natural Stone and Tile

At United Design Stone, we are captivated by the beauty of natural stone and fascinated by the idea of integrating it into architectural design. Our team’s extensive expertise encompasses the entire lifecycle of natural stone from its initial extraction from the earth through its transformation into a stunning architectural feature of your home or business. An in-depth understanding of the unique characteristics of every stone is vital when installing natural stone. Qualities such as a stone’s thickness, edge detail, color, and size all must be considered in order to successfully integrate stone into the design of your home or business.

At United Design Stone, we recognize the importance of establishing a close relationship with each of our clients. Just as with stone, an understanding of our client is key to a successful result. Our team works closely with our clients’ contractors, architects, and designers and along with them determines the best stone and design for each project. Visit our Services page to learn more, or contact us for a free consultation.

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