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Commercial Services

United Design Stone is comprised of a team of self-motivated, dedicated construction professionals that thrive on challenge. Our commitment to innovation and progressive culture allows us to tackle projects with superior efficiency and flexibility and provide our clients with a competitive solution.

This dynamism, however, has not affected our approach to service. In fact, we value the traditional principles of integrity and reliability above all else.

Quality objective
Our goal at United Design Stone is to consistently exceed both customer expectations and regulatory requirements – delivering on-time, within budget, and free of defect.

Flexible Project Delivery
We are able to operate under both the Traditional and Design & Build project delivery systems. We enjoy the opportunity to work in partnership with our clients’ construction team.

Value through Innovation
Our dynamic approach and highly-capable, progressive team allows us to continuously evolve, adopting new and more-efficient processes keeping our prices competitive.

If your company has construction project in the works, contact us today. We will discuss the many ways United Design Stone can benefit you.

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